Elegant Botanicals

I started this lovely project yesterday, but got distracted by a shopping adventure with my mother-in-law and two sister-in-laws.  The weather was terrible, but the company was great, and who doesn’t need a shopping adventure once in a while!  This was waiting for me though, and I couldn’t wait to finish it.


On Sunday I created some favor handouts for a church lesson I taught and they were so cool. Nothing like this card, but the paper I painted for the die cuts had left overs I knew I could use again.  That is where all of these flowers came from.  Yes, a scrap pile.  You never know what those scraps could turn into.

I created a simple background with three liquid metal colors wet on dry.  They were too stark, so I gave a water wash over the top and was much happier.  I had some accidental splotches happen, so I gave a bunch more to disguise them and called it good.  Then the placement of all of these flowers.  Phew, it took some time.

I first layered the flowers together with different sized floral pieces and began my arrangement.  After I was done I began to adhere them down.  Since they were die cut from water color paper they were more pliable, even kind of molded.  The leaves really looked great with some curling and bending.  Little by little the arrangement came together.  Some pieces were adhered with dimensional foam, some with glue dots and several with tombo liquid glue.  Again, no worries because of the weight of the paper.  So very liberating!

I layered the front on another piece of water color paper and repeated the choice again for the card base itself.  It looks so clean and elegant.  It isn’t always easy to capture the different elements on camera, but this didn’t turn out too bad.  Just look at all of that metallic shine.  It took a bit of time, but was absolutely worth it!


Have a creative day!


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