Talk About Wow!

This was one fun experiment session!  I sat down with a few items and literally ended up with this trio of awesome cards.  This is exactly why you should give yourself challenges every so often.  You can come up with amazing ideas.


I had this die cut in mind with black glitter, that is where it started.  I have this huge roll of very wide tear n tape that gave me a large stick surface to work with.  I covered my card front with two and a half strips of this tape, trimmed it to the right size and set down my die cut piece.  I created three die cut pieces from three different tones of metallic paper. That gave me lots of different circle pieces to work with.

The first card had to be all about the glitter.  When the silver die cut went down I was left with all this open space just waiting for the glitter to fill it up.  I sprinkles and rubbed until the spots were filled.  When I poured the glitter back into the jar it was still full, I thought I would have used up more than than.  Go figure!

3-23 (1)

Then I moved onto filling in the die cut piece with the circles from the other colors.  That was fun and a bit tricky to get them right.  With the in between spaces, other than the circles, I filled in with more black glitter and rubbed it all in.  That took care of the second one quite nicely.

3-23 (2)

This last one didn’t get any glitter.  I used tombo glue to place the die cut as well as the circle inset pieces.  I wanted a bit of umph so I ran it through the Big Shot with a cool embossing folder.  Great choice.  I just grinned at the card front for such a long time.  The photos are okay, but these are super awesome in person.  You really have to try this.

This trio sat at my desk for a few days because I didn’t know how to finish them off.  I knew that embellishments were out of the question and a sentiment choice had to be simple, elegant and subtle.  Talk about pressure.  I got that sorted out with some velum cardstock and sentiments from the Dragonfly Dreams stamp set.  All good, all good.

Please get out some different product, watch a few inspiration videos and try something new.  You might create something amazing.

Have a creative day!


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